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Kurbernetes DevOps (English or German)


In cooperation with the Kubernetes experts from, we offer this three-day workshop at our premises in Zurich. We reserve the right to conduct this training online, if necessary.

Depending on the language abilities of the participants, this course will be conducted either in German or English.

Kurbernetes DevOps (English or German)
13 - 15 Sep 2021
8048 Zürich
CHF 2250

In three days, we build a CI/CD pipeline together and deploy a comprehensive sample project to a Kubernetes cluster. We pack backend, frontend, database, message queue and job (run to complete) into containers and automate the individual steps with a Ci/CD platform.

Target Audience

Software developers (+ architects, etc.) who want to deploy and run complex projects on Kubernetes in an automated way.


  • Basic understanding in the use of the command line
  • Basic understanding of version control with GIT
  • Experience in developing (web) applications

You can find the detailled course description here

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