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Not just some pretty faces.

Neues Fabian
Fabian Huggenberger
Senior Account Manager
Portrait 542
Noel Mekkattuparambil
Application Developer
Portrait 669
Ilona Capper
Head of Corporate Services
Portrait 1229
Stefan Rupp
Portrait 1270
Yasemin Meler
Project Assistant
Portrait 1091
Patrick Trümpler
CFO, Member of the Executive Board
Portrait 782
Eleni Aliprassitis
Senior Recruiter / Key Account Manager
Portrait 812
Antonio Folino Ponte
Project Manager
Portrait 1352
Shqiprim Shaqiri
Account Manager / Business Development
Portrait 874
Lukas Limacher
Head of Project Management
Portrait 1065
Maria Hofmann
Head of HR
Portrait 438
André Sutter
Project Manager
Portrait 830
Nicholas Rafferty
Project Manager
Portrait 408
Fabio Urbano
Portrait 289
Vanessa Battilana
Head of Accounting
Portrait 1182
Yanick Mohn
Portrait 128
Manuela Maier
Office Manager
Portrait 083
Florin Malär
Lead Consultant Permanent Placements
Portrait 254
Michelle Balschun
HR Advisor
Portrait 502
Vivek Kandiah
Project Assistant
Portrait 062
Katharina Haase
HR Administrator & Payroll Specialist
Portrait 345
Cédric Rechsteiner
IT Consultant
Portrait 1006
Gina Dal Maso
HR & Payroll Specialist
Portrait 219
Andrea Boggian
Assistant HR and Payroll
Portrait 013
Bianca Hüppi
HR Administrator & Payroll Specialist
Portrait 1338
Michael Schaffner
Head of IT
Portrait 572
Brikena Demiri
Portrait 920
Luca Schulz
IT Consultant
Portrait 1535
Remo Dobler
Portrait 317
Rebecca Gloden
HR Advisor