Case Study

Preferred Payrolling Partner to Global Insurance Company

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Large businesses face significant challenges when dealing with many different employment and supplier contracts, involving endless legal, financial and reputational risks. Managing numerous domestic and foreign suppliers and external workforce requires a huge amount of manpower to carry out complex administrative work and to stay on top of all developments. Enlisting expert knowledge in intricate Swiss employment and contract laws is critical to staying compliant.

“Each Payrolling has its own traits and quirks and often demands an individual solution.”
- Nicholas Rafferty, Payroll Expert at iET SA

The Problem

Having a heterogeneous workforce presents a variety of challenges for our insurance client to deal with. In addition to their permanent employees, they have a large external workforce and network of suppliers that is considerable in size. Some of their remote workers are based outside of Switzerland but still visit them onsite, creating intricate legal cases requiring much attention.

Setting up a contractual basis and a vetted process for each supplier and each contractor, both nationally and internationally, is a project no large company is willing to take on. Streamlining it through one trusted channel is the solution.

The Solution

The experience of our team at iET means that we can combine all those contracts under one umbrella, meaning our client has one expert to direct all communication to. We stay well-informed on how to handle diverse contracts and social security matters. We take on all associated risks and promise to make all salary payments, which are often pre-financed, on time.

Our client, the suppliers and all contractors can each concentrate on what they do best, as we take care of all contractual and administrative aspects of their temporary employment or project work. All parties in this set-up have one expert to direct all their questions to: the team at iET. And that’s why we have been the preferred payrolling partner to our client since 2012.

High quality and efficiency are one of the main values of my organization. I am very happy that our payrolling partner, iET SA, shares the same values when it comes to onboarding new project resources; iET SA is very approachable and solution oriented. Thumbs up 👍

- Wiktor H., PMO, Financial Services Client

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