Case Study

Multilingual Training Management – Cloud Telephony

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With our experience in IT rollout projects and in-house training courses, we have solid expertise in introducing and supporting users on many different tools. We can also translate and supply training materials. Our project management skills allow us to deliver any training, virtual or onsite, in different languages.

“Our customised training concept was a key piece of the puzzle for the client's project success.”
- Lukas Limacher, COO at iET SA

The Problem

Our client introduced a new cloud telephony solution, companywide, from a new telecom provider. This required 6,000 employees to be trained on the new system. During the pilot phase, the client realised they needed coaching, a training schedule and associated materials in three additional languages.

The client acknowledged that it would be difficult to find one coach who was proficient in four different languages, who would also manage the process, along with being technologically proficient. This would also limit the amount of daily trainings, delaying the project by months.

The Solution

Our multilingual project services and staffing solutions team undertook training on the telephony system, reaching expert level in three days. We then compressed this into shorter user-friendly sessions of 2-3 hours to train our client’s employees. Using more than one coach enabled parallel training, saving time and money.

We were able to offer over 100 hours of end-user training in four languages, organising the schedules and ensuring that the correct groups attended the correct virtual room at the correct time.

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