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24 Nov 2023

Temporary worker? Benefit from further training grants

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Did you know that Swissstaffing financially supports your further education? Really? - Yes, if you are subject to the GAV (Collective labor agreement) and earn less than CHF 148,200 per year.

Contractors are often skeptical when offered a position that involves being subject to a collective labor agreement. Actually, it's a pity, as membership in the GAV offers numerous advantages because the GAV has stricter regulations than the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) and provides strong protection for employees.

The GAV not only regulates working conditions and relations between the employer and employees but also ensures better protection for employees in case of illness and accidents. They also benefit from good retirement provisions and are entitled to subsidized further education.

Temporary workers can receive up to CHF 5,000 for further education and up to CHF 2,250 for loss of income! For further education, you can choose between language courses, occupational safety training, professional development, and career counseling. The only condition is that the courses must take place in a school recognized by temptraining.

In addition, there have been some changes that could be very exciting for you:

1. Further education can now be applied for up to 12 months retrospectively or in advance. The requirement is that you have worked at least 88 hours temporarily within the last 12 months.

2. If you have worked 88 hours in temporary employment in the last 12 months, you are entitled to an educational contribution of CHF 500. you will receive an additional credit of CHF 5.85 for each additional hour worked.

3. In addition, there is now a lump-sum allowance for training days:
- Loss of earnings: CHF 250 per day, CHF 125 per half-day
- Meal expenses: CHF 15 per day
- Travel expenses (place of residence - course location): up to 100 km CHF 30, from 100 km CHF 50
- Accommodation expenses: CHF 80 per day
In total, you are entitled to up to CHF 2250 compensation for loss of earnings and up to CHF 300 for expenses for meals, travel, and accommodation within 12 months.

4. Particularly great from our point of view: occupational safety courses are not charged to your personal account. They are reimbursed at a flat rate of up to CHF 500 per day or CHF 250 per half-day.

Swissstaffing supports employees in improving their skills. Above all, however, you can make yourself even more attractive on the job market - without having to make a major financial commitment of your own.

You can find more information on financial support for further training from Swissstaffing at Check eligibility - temptraining - Tempgroup (

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