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20 Jan 2021

Resource Planning in times of uncertainty

Resource planning

So, here we are in January, the month generally associated with making new plans, resolutions and setting targets. However, with the uncertain backdrop, many businesses are finding it understandably difficult to make concrete plans, at least until things become a bit clearer with current restrictions and the impact on the wider economy.

Some economists are forecasting a mini-boom later this year, which may leave businesses under-staffed and ill prepared, particularly if they have slimmed down their team in response to low demand or project delays in 2020. A surge in business levels driven by consumer spending could well be the case, as businesses rush to resume normality and push ahead with projects that have been left on the backburner for months.


What are your plans for 2021?

At iET we have the resources, network and know-how to act as a valuable tool when it comes to business planning and resource management. We can quickly find highly skilled, specialist contractors, administrators or IT professionals, who can support your team on a flexible, individual project basis, meaning you can say “yes” to that client deadline without worrying about capacity.

If you find yourself struggling to firm up your plans in this regard, why not have a chat with us? Our specialist recruiters or Account Managers can help you discuss possible planning for 2021 and lay out some options and ideas that you maybe hadn’t considered. Feel free to reach out and let’s see how we can help you: 044 485 44 85 or Chip Shaqiri or Fabian Huggenber look forward to speaking to you.

Let’s get 2021-ready…. together!

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Written by
Ilona Capper
Head of Recruitment, Member of the Executive Board

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