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18 Aug 2023

Payrolling for freelancers: why and what for?

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Freelancers are increasingly outsourcing all payroll tasks to payroll service providers like us. Especially in the start-up phase, this is a particularly profitable approach for them.

Set focus

During the lifetime of a company, the weighting of the individual tasks changes constantly. In the beginning, the acquisition of customers and orders dominates the daily routine. All other tasks, especially payroll administration, take a back seat. This can be problematic, because payroll administration is subject to strict legal requirements and cannot be completed in a short time between two meetings. On the contrary, it requires comprehensive expertise. Something that start-ups often do not have in this particular area. Logically, their strength and potential lies elsewhere.

Start smart

Hardly any newly founded company, let alone a freelancer, brings with it an HR department that can handle all the tasks at hand with aplomb. This is also logical, but by no means a bad thing. It only becomes difficult if the payroll administration is not set up professionally from the beginning. For example, with a suitable payroll service provider. There are at least seven advantages to such cooperation.

Seven advantages for freelancers

  1. Focus on the core business: outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your main task and save valuable time and energy that you would otherwise have to spend on administrative tasks.
  2. Experts for complex cases: specialized service providers like us have the necessary expertise and know-how to handle even complex payroll cases. This allows you to access expert knowledge at any time without having to hire your own experts.
  3. Compliance with legal requirements: Payroll requires extensive knowledge of tax, legal and statutory requirements. Outsourcing to us ensures that all regulations are correctly complied with. We have the necessary expertise and are always well informed about the latest legal changes.
  4. Liability reduction: outsourcing payroll reduces your company's liability risk. In the event of violations of laws or data protection regulations, we as the service provider bear the responsibility.
  5. Planning security: Thanks to outsourcing, you can enjoy precise planning of resources and costs. You can rely on us as a reliable partner who will take care of all tasks even if you are absent or there is a project-related delay. Not only that: our costs can be calculated in advance, so you don't have to worry about additional expenses.
  6. Closing and balancing on time: as a service-oriented provider, we take care of the entire preparation and submission of all relevant reports and documents. This ensures that deadlines are met and reports are prepared correctly without you having to worry about them.
  7. Enjoy freedom and flexibility: When you work with us, you decide how long you want to benefit from this constellation. Perhaps your start-up company will grow in no time and you will set up your own HR department, or perhaps you will enjoy the many benefits of working with us as your payroll service provider for years to come. Whichever way it goes, you say how long.

External payrolling thus indeed allows freelancers to handle their client assignments in a legally compliant manner and to be correctly insured. It allows them to be considered employees of a payrolling company or agency. The advantage of this is that social security contributions (such as AHV) are paid by the payrolling company and thus the freelancer's self-employment is not called into question. In addition, our payrolling offers the compelling advantage that wages are paid promptly and not only when the client has paid.

All in all, outsourcing your payroll administration is an efficient and reliable solution for you as a freelancer. You can relax and concentrate on your core business, knowing that even the complex tasks outside your core business interests are in the hands of experienced specialists.

Do not hesitate to contact Maria Hofmann and Fabian Huggenberger for further information, or if you have any questions.

+41 44 485 44 85

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