29 Jun 2021

30 years - time flies!

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Yes, iET SA has now been in business for three whole decades - day in and day out. Despite the challenging times we find ourselves in, we don’t want to let this milestone pass by without at least a brief reflection and a raised glass! But let's take it one step at a time. What does it actually mean when a company not only maintains a healthy and solid market position, but also continuously grows over the span of 30 years? How do our customers benefit from this? And how does this benefit our employees?

Properly grown up

At 15, you think you're an adult at 20. At 25, you realize that you're not really grown up yet. At 30, you know that the time has come. Full of enthusiasm, the first years of professional experience in your pocket, you are now at the best age to shake up a storm. But not without a plan. The risks are known, a strategy is in place, the right timing is essential. Top performance is paired with brainpower. This is exactly how iET SA works after thirty years. And what is the benefit? - Plenty. You as a customer, we as a company, benefit equally from a wealth of experience acquired over thirty years.

Wait a minute, they are all only around 30 themselves!

That's right, the average age of iET family members is around thirty. Yet thirty years of experience resonates in everything we do. Since the founding of our company, we have placed great emphasis on passing on knowledge and acquiring new knowledge at the same time. Our youthful team is built on a wealth of practical and specialist knowledge. This benefits our customers, i.e. you, in every project, but of course also ourselves.

Time for a new website

Big company anniversaries are often celebrated with great pomp and ceremony with customers and partners. We stay a bit quieter due to the pandemic but offer you an exceptionally appealing virtual surfing experience. With our new website – which we gifted to ourselves. Have you visited it yet? Discover the new iET look - and thanks to the user-friendly new structure - the whole iET world in new splendor!

And the company history?

This is largely unspectacular, provided that tireless and consistent work correspond to this. We ourselves experienced this time as enriching, challenging, unifying and educational at the same time. It has been a great journey so far. It has enabled the iET family to grow, just as our customers have contributed to our company history and we to theirs.

For us, it is more interesting to browse through our customers' history than our own. When did the partnership with us enable substantial progress in their company history? How did we contribute to noticeably increase their efficiency, when did we add value and quality? What impact did our actions have on the business success of all our customers - and to what extent? A few answers can be found on our website in the case studies (here an example).

iET founder and chairman of the board Christian Staubli says "Through our values we perceive customers and employees individually". This sums it up in a nutshell. The history of iET SA is the story of a team of highly motivated, highly qualified and fun-loving people, who regard themselves in everyday life as friends, as companions, as partners of their clients, always ready to go the extra mile. Our company's history is marked by the people who have been carrying the torch of iET SA for thirty years. And – without a doubt - will continue to write iET history.

We celebrate on a small scale for the time being!

It is still a bit difficult to party on a large scale. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to celebrate our anniversary with you at the next available opportunity! We are looking forward to it! In the meantime we leave with a classic from Kool & The Gang:

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Written by
Ilona Capper
Head of Recruitment, Member of the Executive Board

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