Case Study

Big 4 Hardware & Software Refresh Project

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Rollout projects, involving new software, an operating system upgrade or a complete hardware refresh, allow us to harness our expertise across the board and are the culmination of all that we have to offer at iET. They challenge us across every discipline and require the involvement of our Project Managers, our Admin, our recruiters and IT wizards. Therefore, we call it our King’s Discipline.

“We welcome challenges because they encourage us to find innovative solutions”
- André Sutter, Project Manager at iET SA

The Problem

Our Big Four client replaces all laptops and upgrades the operating system every three years, allowing employees to benefit from working in a technologically advanced environment. Being highly dynamic and complex, this rollout project usually takes over 12 months in total. A project of this size consumes many valuable hours developing the necessary knowledge and training.

With so many different roles and specialisms required, the project would be too extensive to carry out internally. The hours of our client’s consultants are best spent on external work, rather than an internal project. So, they need outside support from specialists with advanced knowledge and experience in rollout projects.

The Solution

iET have supported this Big Four client in exchanging their hardware and upgrading their operating systems since 1996. We allocate teams to work on each phase of the rollout, comprising program managers, PMOs, supporters, floorwalkers, technicians and more.

They oversee everything from planning and running the project, to sourcing and scheduling staff and orchestrating the hardware refresh. Project Managers at iET also facilitate hardware delivery, packaging, transport, staging, support, decommission, wiping and recycling. We collaborate with our Big Four client to ensure that the project process runs smoothly and confidentially throughout. In 2021, we are proud to be providing this service to our client for the eighth time.

iET has been and continues to be a reliable partner at our side who knows our requirements and the special aspects of our business very well. Professional and social competence, reliability and flexibility are decisive factors for us to entrust iET with important tasks in our projects. The positive results of the previous projects encouraged us to cooperate with iET again in this project.

- Anonymous, Director at Big4 client

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